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This week I came across Richard Branson’s top; 10 tips for success and in the list at Number 4 is “Have fun and look after your team”.  It reminded me of the importance of Team building and how it can help companies improve and retain their employees.

Team building is any activity that enhances interpersonal relationships, communication and a sense of belonging to the group.  Team building activities help to enhance communication, motivation, creativity, problem-solving skills and trust among team members.

So what to do?  Here are just some of the activities we have organised recently:

  1. From the past to the modern day.

Lunch in Rules, the oldest Restaurant in London, followed by a City of London Treasure Hunt, with a cocktail master class at night at the top of the Shard.

  1. Tobogganing and Sky Diving

No mountains or planes needed, just a day in Milton Keynes with a session at the Airkix indoor sky diving centre and then some fun at Xscape in Milton Keynes.

  1. Circus Skills

This was great for interaction, spectating and also just a little bit competitive.  The group were part of membership group.  Some knew each other, some were complete strangers but the objective was to break down barriers in a non competitive way.  After a few light refreshments the team were challenged to take part in a number of “easy” circus skills including juggling, plate spinning, devilsticks, hula hoop, balancing, unicycling and tightrope.  Some got it, some didn’t, either way, it was good to watch!

  1. Sherry Tasting over Tapas

A different take on Wine Tasting.  Sherry is having a revolution.  These events consist of 5 courses of sherry (there were quite a few rosy cheeks by the end of the evening!) and 5 tapas dishes.  The Sherry starts with a fine Fino and along with the Sherry expert giving some tasting notes you all dive into some mouth watering tapas dishes.  This is informal and fun and if you rotate the seating plan, everyone gets to meet each other.  Restaurants such as Ambiente do this very well.

  1. Team Walking

It’s great to get out of the office.  Walking in the countryside is a multi-sensory experience that clears your mind and allows escapism from the stresses of everyday life, which helps create a memorable day with long lasting results.

These walking events can be unique, and are tailored just for you. No artificial tasks, no planks and barrels where problem solving, decision making, creative thinking and resourcefulness will bring you together as a team to achieve your objectives, whilst surrounded by wonderful landscapes.  These can be non competitive or include wilderness challenges such as “which team can collect the biggest variety of flora and fauna”.  A good place to go to do this is Team Walking.

The key to Team Building is to work out from the start what you are trying to achieve from it.  The objectives will then determine the activity.  If the output is “Reward and Celebration” then your event will be very different to some time out that involves “Breaking down barriers”.  Some other tips from us:

  • Set a budget
  • Bring in a 3rd party or facilitator who will help run things from a neutral’s perspective
  • Avoid activities that can create adrenalin fuelled intimidation. Everyone should have an even chance to participate and feel included
  • Communicate effectively about time, place, travel, what to bring
  • Have fun!!
  • When you get back to the office, have a quick wrap up to share the outputs from the activity and plan in the next one!

If you need some support with your Team Building event, do get in touch.

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