Travel Tips - Get set for the off! - Tailormade Conferences


Our previous blog talked about the steps you can take prior to going away.  Now here are some steps to keep you safe and stress free once you arrive on holiday.

Respect the locals

Everywhere has a few local customs that you would be wise to know.  Some will turn a blind eye to the small oversights, but by doing things that you can freely do in your own country can quickly get you in trouble.

Buy a local SIM Card

Less of an issue now that roaming charges are decreasing, but to avoid racking up large bills, turn your “data roaming” to off and consider investing in a local SIM.  If you are regularly away in the same place for long periods, once you have the number, you can advise your closest network of your different numbers depending on where you are in the world.

Keep yourself safe

For your own safety and of those at home, keep people informed.  Tell them you are leaving and then update them when you are there.   If you plan to be offline, let a few people know your rough itinerary.


Find a safe place, and start up a conversation with someone else.  You can find out about the best places to eat / visit and do what the locals do.

Agree first

Important for any kind of financial transaction, agree the fare / price first, and then get in / accept the offer.  Some countries will also expect you to negotiate.

In an Emergency

A good app to have is Emergency Numbers (android) and Emergency Phone Numbers (iOS).  This gives you local emergency numbers via GPS or manual search if you are offline.

Don’t tell the world

It’s exciting to be away, but be careful about what you share on social media.  It can be an open invitation to tell people there’s no one home.  Wait until you are home, and then upload all of your photos.

How you leave your car

Some travellers have been caught out by airport “meet and greet” parking companies that leave cars in unsecured areas, and whilst the car is in their possession, it can be driven badly and for long distances.  Personally, we are happier to drop the car at a safe, secure location.  But when you leave it, take a note of the mileage and don’t leave anything of value in the car.

Copy your documents

Take a photo copy or a scan of all of your documents.  Then email them or put them on a USB stick and give it to someone you can trust.  A great app is Evernote.  You can store your documents in it and then search for specific words such as the date, the airline and the destination and Evernote will quickly help you locate the specific document.

Don’t be a target

Keep money and technology out of site.  Take advantage of safety deposit boxes where applicable.

Most of all, enjoy!