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Location is key, but what makes for a successful location for a corporate event? Top of all our clients’ lists is usually easy access for delegates – but that can mean anything from right off a motorway, shuttle buses to an international airport or just plenty of onsite car parking!
Each client and conference is different and as agents we are here to guide and advise.  At this stage, the client usually knows more about the wants and needs of their audience than we do!

What does the client want from the venue?

Understanding the needs of the event organiser whether an individual or a company will likely allow you to understand the needs of their delegates. If the most important thing to the event organiser is value for money, it is our job as an agent to see what “added value” we can get included in their contracts. This can be anything from bacon sandwiches on arrival or complimentary internet access in all delegate bedrooms – going the extra mile to provide a tailor made package is always well received by clients

Understanding terms and conditions

Flexibility from a venue in the early stages of an enquiry can give you an idea of how flexible they will be when it comes to contracted items. If they can amend their minimum contracted numbers to suit the client’s needs, chances are we can negotiate a reduction in any cancellation charges that may come up. Building a relationship with a venue from the outset allows both the venue and agent to work together to achieve the perfect event for a client. For a client making sure you understand the terminology of contracts and terms and conditions saves headaches if there is anything you need to query coming up to the event date

Tight Deadlines?

If you have a tight turn around, using a venue the client or the agent know well or have had a positive experience with can always be beneficial at reducing pre-event stress or anxiety. If using a well known venue isn’t possible, using a brand or chain of hotels that is well known to the client or the agent could also help as groups tend to have the same contract terms or very similar restrictions. If the client is setting up a new event and are targeting a new group of sponsors or exhibitors, a much longer lead time is recommended. The sooner you confirm and contract a venue the more time a client has to focus on the exhibitors, speakers and content of an event.

So why use an agent? We can deal with all these points for you – taking on all the hassle and stress relating to sourcing the perfect venue. Agents are here to help; we have dealt with all the terminology before and read contracts from venues on a daily basis, use that wealth of knowledge to your advantage!

Most importantly, using an agent frees up the event organiser to focus on other aspects of bringing the event together – letting the agent deal with the contract and venue negotiations means the client is able to spend more time finalising the event content and marketing the event successfully.  If we can help with your next venue (for free) please get in touch via 01904 540920 or via email sales@tailormadeconferences.co.uk

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