Our Pet Hates! - Tailormade Conferences

Everyone has something that gets on their nerves… when working with venues these are the things we are up against!

Pillar to Post

Never getting to speak to the person you need, faceless hotels or an attitude of ‘that’s not my job’. If a venue is this hard work to start with, what would they be like when you need to ask them more difficult queries?

Snail’s Pace

Really slow response times are infuriating – if I speak to a venue I would expect a response within 24 hours (depending on the complexity of the request). I will not include a response from a venue that takes more than a week of chasing, why would we want to confirm with a venue that doesn’t seem to be interested in what we would like to place with them? Everyone gets busy, but if I get the same disinterested response every time I chase for a proposal, that makes me think they will also act like this on the day – which of course is a massive no no as an event agent.

Hidden Details

The best responses from a hotel outline all the ‘maybes’ early on – this allows us to negotiate our contract or booking accordingly. A venue that does not tell us they are having extensive renovation works or that the contract states they are allowed to move the clients’ assigned conference room with no prior consent is a huge bug bear for an agency. Additionally contracts that stipulate 100% pre-payment for a conference 12 months out with no prior warning from a venue – if we don’t like it we certainly won’t put the contract in front of our clients until we have negotiated this with the venue.


Hotels that stick in stone to their terms and conditions can really make life difficult for clients and agents. Late cancellations happen, sometimes beyond the control of the client, when a hotel is unwilling to even ask the management team or reduce the charges even marginally as a gesture of goodwill it can taint the view of the hotel for both the client and the agent, making both parties tentative to use the venue again.

Missing Details

Sending over proposals with missing details – anything from conference room name to bed and breakfast rate, can be really frustrating, especially when we are then unable to get hold of anyone that can help…delaying our proposal to the client. Missing details just makes the whole process less efficient and means I have to start pestering on the phone!

The Client’s Needs

Not informing us that another client at the hotel is a competitor of the client we have booked with the venue can leave a really bad taste in the mouth of both client and agent. As an agent we are here to deal with the venue on the client’s behalf, making their lives easier and the event process smoother, therefore no parties appreciate the venue contacting the client directly, when expressly asked not to. We believe that if an agent has come to a venue on behalf of a client, you should deal with the agent regarding working together in the future, just seems like ethical business to us!

What is it that venues or suppliers do that really gets on your nerves? Any pet peeves you think we have missed?

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