Events can't be repeated - Tailormade Conferences

This week I have made a point to see some significant events that are unlikely to come along too soon:

1. One of the last displays of The Vulcan Bomber (at Elvington Airfield on Sunday 9th August)

2. The Perseid Meteor Shower in the wee small hours of August 12th

3. The flight of 4 spitfires over York on August 13th

It reminded that I got to witness all of these events as a result of good marketing via social media and the news and then me making a determined effort to see each of the above elements.  The key thing with all of the above is that they are not like a tin of beans at Tesco that can be bought tomorrow, they were only available to experience at a certain time on a specific day.  Some would say these were such unique events they may never be seen again.

It’s much the same with an event, be it large or small, business or pleasure, you only get one chance to pull it off.  But given the risk, there will be events failing right now as a result of a missed piece of communication, a lack of contingency planning, or basic human error.  This is why it’s important to work with a professional event planner when running an event.  A good networker at an event I went to this week used the phrase “Fail to Plan is to Plan to Fail”.  I know it is familiar to us all but in events, it is a definitely true!

Tell us about any interesting event failures and how they could have been prevented?

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