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Event Management

Why spend your time managing an event when really you could be communicating and keeping in touch with your customers? We can be your experienced event management partner. Whatever the event is, you only get one chance to make your event right on the day.

Our Event Managers are seasoned professionals that have a wide range of experience having worked on a multitude of events, large and small. They have seen projects through from the beginning and have trouble shooted on projects that have been failing elsewhere. This means they know how things should and can be done, often invaluable when quick decisions need to be made or problems need to be solved!

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Our services can involve the management of such tasks as:

  • Full project management from the outset
  • Online conference registration
  • Event invitation and response management
  • Pre Conference meet with venue on the day
  • Visual check of all areas / equipment to be used on the day
  • Preparation of all directional signage
  • Registration of delegates on arrival
  • Coordination of timings on the day with the venue
  • Pre-check of all critical break times for quality
  • Conference evaluation service, produce paperwork and results
  • Liaison with secondary suppliers such as Audio Visual

So why take on the headache yourself when we can act as your conference organiser?