Are you an agent focused venue? - Tailormade Conferences

These are just some of the things we look for in venues when picking out the ones we like to work with (not forgetting the importance of how they actually deliver on site!)

Valued Clients:

As agents we love it when a venue is able to see the bigger picture and can offer good discounts for loyal clients or can offer reduced rates based on future potential. Additionally when a venue has been used by the same client a number of times, knowing their likes and dislikes and offering rooms and packages based on this is always well received.

Great information online:

We use a venue website a lot to find information that our clients need.  These are some of the vital things we need:

  • Room plans
  • Floor plan of the venue so we can see where meeting rooms are in relation to each other / reception / restaurant
  • Ceiling height, door widths, locations of any obstructions such as pillars
  • In room features such as natural daylight, power sockets, Wifi
  • Room capacities in all layout combinations (Cabaret, Theatre, Classroom, Boardroom)
  • Pictures of the rooms

Full Rate Knowledge

If a venue provides all rate options applicable when first responding to an enquiry we are able to provide a breakdown of costs in our proposal to the client that best suits their needs and provides the best value for money. When a venue provides an all-inclusive 24 hour rate but actually later on it turns out that a room hire/catering package might be more cost effective this is frustrating for us as the agent and for the client.

Swift Post Event Administration

Some venues seem to forget about us and the client post event, dragging their feet to send over copy invoices when requested. Venues that provide this information really quickly post event with little or no prompting are always in our good books!  It’s also good to check with us as the 3rd party agent as well as the client if you want feedback.  Often the client will tell us the whole truth!

Beyond the call of duty

Prior to an event, agents may need the help of venues for information regarding the local area – anything from restaurant recommendations to reliable transport companies, any hotel that is willing to aid with these little details is always a great help. Additionally any member of staff at a venue that really goes out their way to help the smooth running of an event is greatly appreciated. This can be anything from heading to the local shop for decaf tea bags to putting arrival gifts in each delegate’s bedrooms prior to arrival. Any venue willing to go the extra mile makes the lives easier for both the agent and the client and is always remembered and these little touches are greatly values.


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