Some sound bites from Michael Bloomberg and Richard Reed

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Michael Bloomberg and Richard Reed (Innocent Drinks) in one afternoon at an event.  They both had some great visionary statements that were worth sharing:

Michael Bloomberg:

When asked about success, he said “The world is about people, the difference is to have the best people, that’s the skill set of the Leader”.

When asked if he changed his strategy “No. We stuck to our vision.  We remained focused on the achievement of the goal.”  His view was “Time brings solutions”.

When he was asked about entrepreneurs, he said people give away the clues in the way that they talk, and the pronouns that they use.  Do they talk “we and us” as opposed to “I and my”.  Those that use “we and us” will, in his view, be better able to achieve success.

When asked how he stays energised about his business he put it down to “passion” and “ambition”.  There’s no point working on something if you don’t enjoy it.  He said “Meeting people drive me, it must be miserable hating life”.

Here’s a few more comments:

  • As a leader you only live once, if you don’t love what you do then do something else
  • There is no stigma in failure. Learn, pick yourself up and try again. It is enthusiasm and passion that win

Richard Reed

When asked about some of his early challenges, Richard said creating a shared vision and values statement was fundamental.  By starting out with these, it meant everything they did from the outset always reflected back on the values.  He also advocated “finding a team that can create a formidable business plan”.

One of their key decisions was to outsource the manufacturing process of the drinks.  This allowed them to spend all of their time controlling the relationship with both the consumer and the retailer.

It was also vial to “Focus on the moments of truth”.  They made sure the product was appealing in store and delivered on its promise when consumed. It was important to “make sure the product lived up to the value of what had been bought”.

Here’s a few more comments:

  • Don’t let not knowing stop you from doing it! What’s the worst that can happen?
  • Impute what’s great about who you are, that’s how you build a brand that’s how you add value

If you get the chance to see either of these two excellent business leaders, book it, they are well worth listening to.

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