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This week I came across Richard Branson’s top; 10 tips for success and in the list at Number 4 is “Have fun and look after your team”.  It reminded me of the importance of Team building and how it can help companies improve and retain their employees. Team building is any activity that enhances interpersonal relationships, Continue reading »

We were recently asked to help contribute to a report commissioned by ITR events. The question simply said “What interesting developments do you see happening in 2016 in regards to events, trade shows and conferences.?” Of the 51 responses, here’s a condensed summary of the common themes: In general, most expected 2016 to be a Continue reading »

This week we handed over the management of Venturefest Yorkshire to MakeItYork. We first managed Venturefest Yorkshire in 2005.  It was a thoroughly rewarding event to manage as it helped high growth entrepreneurs to become more successful by connecting them with investors or contacts that could help them.  Businesses such as BugBrush and Aptamer Solutions Continue reading »